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Luigi Boccherini's Complete Works

directed by Christian Speck

Italian National Edition (Decreto Ministeriale, 27 aprile 2006)

(Designated Italian National Edition - Ministerial Decree of 27 April 2006)

Advisory Board: Theophil Antonicek † (Vienna), Sergio Durante (Padova), Ludwig Finscher (Heidelberg), Roberto Illiano (Lucca, Secretary Treasurer), Miguel Ángel Marín (Madrid), Fulvia Morabito (Lucca), Rudolf Rasch (Utrecht), Luca Lévi Sala (Paris/Poitiers), Massimiliano Sala (Bergamo), Andrea Schiavina (Bologna), Christian Speck (Koblenz-Landau, President)

The present edition of Luigi Boccherini's Opera Omnia aims at presenting the complete corpus of works in critical edition composed by one of the most prominent and prolific European composers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries: the aim is to produce a scholarly edition which will cater for the needs of both performers, who wish to play this music in keeping with period practice, and scholars with an academic approach.
Boccherini's Opera Omnia will be divided into 45 volumes, 9 of which will be dedicated to vocal music, 3 to opera and ballet production and 20 to instrumental works, with another 13 volumes devoted to spurious works, documents and iconography, letters and a thematic catalogue. The catalogue will be published as the final volume of the edition, when the fundamental work on the Boccherini's sources will have been concluded; so, it will become the most complete and detailed reference point for those wishing to study the composer's oeuvre. Also to be published is the practical edition (score and piano reduction); orchestral parts are available on hire.



Pietro Antonio Locatelli's Complete Works

directed by Sergio Durante


Italian National Edition (Decreto Ministeriale, 02 giugno 1999)

(Designated Italian National Edition - Ministerial Decree of 02 June 1999)

Advisory Board: Sergio Durante (Padova, President), Ludwig Finscher (Heidelberg), Gustav Leonhardt † (Amsterdam), Massimiliano Sala (Bergamo, Secretary Treasurer), Reinhard Strohm (Oxford), Michael Talbot (Liverpool), Christoph Wolff (Cambridge, MA).

Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695-1764) Locatelli was a violinist and composer from Bergamo, who after a period in Rome and a brilliant career as a virtuoso in various European cities eventually settled in Holland, where he spent a large portion of his life. Today he is numbered among the leading Italian musicians of the late-Baroque period.
In 1994 the Locatelli Foundation reached an agreement with the publishers Schott (Mainz, London, Madrid, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Toronto) concerning the publication of P.A. Locatelli's complete works. The critical edition (1994-2002) consists of ten volumes. The first eight volumes contains the Locatelli's published works, the ninth the unnumbered compositions, while the tenth includes a thematic catalogue, the letters and documents relating to his life and an iconography. Also to be published are the separate parts for the orchestral works, as well as a practical edition of the chamber works. A separate edition of the 12 Concerti of the Arte del Violino, arranged for violin and piano, is also under consideration. Finally, pocket-score versions will be published by Eulenburg.



Francesco Geminiani's Opera Omnia

Founded by Christopher Hogwood †
Directed by Rudolph Rasch
Assistan Editor: Ryan Mark

Advisory Board: Clive Brown (University of Leeds), Enrico Careri (Università di Napoli), Kate Eckersley (University of Oxford), Peter Holman (University of Leeds), Sandra Mangsen (University of Western Ontario), Richard Maunder (University of Cambridge), Fulvia Morabito (Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini, Lucca), Rudolf Rasch (University of Utrecht), Robin Stowell (University of Cardiff), Michael Talbot (University of Liverpool), Peter Walls (Victoria University of Wellington), Christoph Wolff (Harvard University), Neal Zaslaw (Cornell University).

This edition is published by the Ut Orpheus Edizioni Edizioni (Bologna), with the collaboration of the Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini in Lucca and of Ad Parnassum. The Centro Studi is an extremely dynamic musicological institution: the 'Geminiani project' is a further addition to the extensive collection of works conceived within the Institution, the foremost of which is the National Italian Edition of the works of Luigi Boccherini, another distinguished citizen of Lucca. Ad Parnassum will contribute, for its part, by ensuring wider international discussion about the violinist and his work.
Of all the leading composers of the 18th century, only Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762) is lacking a complete critical edition of his music and writings. Although held to be the equal of Corelli in his own day - and indeed thought by some to be superior to his contemporary Handel in instrumental composition - a surprisingly large proportion of his compositions have never been reissued since his lifetime, and with the exception of a few solo sonatas and his treatises on "good taste" and violin playing, Geminiani is largely ignored by the baroque taste of the present day.
The lack of availability of his music in scrupulous modern editions designed for practical performance has concealed the enormous originality he showed both in writing and re-writing his own music, and that of his teacher, Corelli. His adaptations and re-workings have never to date been presented fully and in a form that allows for pertinent comparison, and the majority of his music has not been revisited by musicologists for the last half century.
Francesco Geminiani Opera Omnia will present all his works, instrumental, vocal and didactic, in full critical editions, with the composer's first versions, revisions and re-workings presented consecutively by opus number, including a full critical commentary and facsimiles, together with complete performance material for the orchestral and chamber works. The didactic treatises issued in English will be accompanied by Italian, French or German translations of the period, where these exist, together with full commentaries from modern authorities.
It is planned to have all volumes of the edition available in both library volumes and practical performing versions by 2012, the 250th anniversary of Geminiani's death (and 325th of his birth).