Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherinilogocs

Research in Musicology

Book series

Boccherini Studies

directed by Christian Speck

Editorial Committee: Roberto Illiano, Fulvia Morabito, Luca Lévi Sala, Massimiliano Sala

In addition to the dearth of scholarly editions of Boccherini's music, there is a correspondingly large gap in the music-historical and musicological studies dedicated to the composer. Having access to a reliable score – for study and/or performance – is only one aspect of the process of forming an adequate assessment of the composer. Equally essential, if we wish to reach a full understanding of the composer and his period, is also to consider what has been lost. As a result, the Centro Studi Opera omnia Luigi Boccherini-Onlus has decided to facilitate an ongoing account of the international debate on the subject. The «Boccherini Studies» will carefully monitor the results of scholars' research and will also provide updates on the state of the sources.




Contemporary Composers

General Editors: Massimiliano Sala and Massimiliano Locanto

The Contemporary Composers Series focuses both on living composers and those who left their mark on the 20th century, leaving a significant legacy to the history of contemporary music. By studying their lives, their writings, and their musical output as well as its reception, the series aims to extend the scope of research with the express purpose of investigating not only the so-called contemporary “classical" composers, but also those who worked in the emerging musical genres of the 20th and 21th century: Jazz, Film Music, Popular Music, etc. The series will encompass monographs and miscellaneous volumes on select individuals, with a particular focus on their relationships to the environment in which they lived and worked.




Monumenta Musica Europea

General Editor Fulvia Morabito

This series aims to collect the critical edition of music particularly important in the european environment, and by drawing geographical, and for their unique cultural significance.





protestMusic, Criticism & Politics

General Editor: Luca Lévi Sala (Poitiers University/Yale University)

Scholarly Committee: Philip Bohlman (Chicago University), Federico Celestini (Innsbruck University), Michel Duchesneau (Université de Montréal), Christoph Flamm (Lübeck University), Erik Levi (Royal Halloway, London University), Karen Painter (University of Minnesota), Gemma Perez-Zalduondo (Granada University)

This series publishes major musicological monographs on the relationship between music and politics from XVII century to the present, as well as multi-authors, multi-lingual volumes on this topic. The series also focuses on the co-operation of music criticism, pamphlets and the press as a mechanism for the expression of cultural power.




manfrediniMusical Treatises

General Editor Lorenzo Frassà

Editorial Committee: Giacomo Baroffio (Cremona), Clive Brown (Leeds), Alexandre Dratwicki (Venice), Giuseppe Gerbino (New York), Philip Gossett (Chicago), Miguel Angel Marin (La Roja), Rudolf Rasch (Utrecht), Michael Talbot (Liverpool)

This series publishes musicological studies in English or French languages on musical treatises from XIV century to the end of XIX century, as well as modern edition of treatises with historical introduction and critical commentary.




Specvlvm Mvsicae

Edendum cvravit Roberto Illiano

This series aims to deepen specific topics and issues about the history of music, Music phenomenon is investigated here with a particular focus on its relationships with historical, sociological and political issues, history of style and analysis, with no special chronological limitations.




Staging and Dramaturgy: Opera and the Performing Arts

General Editor Roberto Illiano

It is only in recent years that musicology has seriously begun to focus on opera staging, representing as it does a crucial element in our understanding of a theatrical production. The visual component is integral to the compositional process of an opera; it is already present in the stage directions contained in scene booklets and scores, before finding its ultimate form in the most accomplished examples of stage-booklets. Cross-comparison of these books with the score, sets, costumes and press reports, often accompanied by illustrations and photographs of the scene, can now generate an understanding of the ‘three-dimensionality’ of the particular opera. The present series aims to address several facets of the artistic expression of a live performance. It will include monographs and miscellaneous volumes on opera staging and dramaturgy, as well as a critical edition of stage-booklets. Volumes on performing arts (including dance, musical theatre, mime, puppetry, performance arts) and case studies or researches on costumes, stage lighting and sound, new technology, designers, conductors and directors will be also considered.




Studies on Italian Music History

General Editor Fulvia Morabito

This series, that began with the aim of addressing the history of music in Lombardy and Northern Italy, has expanded its boundaries to the Italian national territory. It aims to deepen the study of the history of Italian music, through monograph and miscellaneous volumes.



Various Publications

This series aims to collect single publications referring to specific projects