Technical Informations for our 2020 Remote Conferences

Due to Pandemic Covid-19 we decided to transform our 2020 conferences into fully virtual conferences. This will offer our community the possibility for scholarly exchanges, news and best practice updates while protecting the safety, health, and well-being of all conferences participants.

Virtual Conferences Technical informations

General information

  • Install Zoom application on your computer and create an account (free)
  • If possible, use Zoom on a desktop computer; avoid using phones or tablets for video conferencing as much as possible
  • If possible, use a cable connection to connect your PC to the internet
  • Position yourself so that the camera frames you at its best, paying particular attention to the light that should not be behind you
  • To avoid problems with the internet connection, we suggest you disable the Enable HD function that you find in the Zoom video preferences
  • Check that you are not too far from the microphone (1m. max)
  • Check that only your name and surname appear in the lower left corner to make sure that everyone can easily recognize you

Conference access and privacy 

  • A few days before the conference we will be sending all participants a link to join the event: the link will be valid for all days of the conference
  • The conference is not public: only speakers can join in. This keeps streaming protected from malware attacks
  • The conference will not be broadcast online, and no registration will be taken (for privacy and copyright reasons). In other words, the material you share during the presentation of your work will be protected and will not survive online.
  • When entering the conference room, it is important to SWITCH OFF THE MICROPHONE: during speeches, the microphone must be kept off to prevent speakers from being disturbed by inevitable environmental noises.
  • If you experience connection problems, try also turning the webcam off during the conversations, remembering to turn it on when you wish to talk
  • Remember to turn the microphone on ONLY when the chair gives you the word for questions, or when you read your paper

Presentation and Screen Sharing

  • Turn the microphone and camera on
  • Please keep the applications that you need to use (Powerpoint, Keynote, pdf, or video / audio excerpts) open right before their use
  • To share your applications, select the green «share screen» icon in the zoom control bar
  • Within the popup screen that appears, choose what to share (the single application you are using, or the entire desktop)
  • To share the audio: within the popup screen that appears, select the «share computer audio» option in the lower left side of the popup window
  • To share a video: within the popup screen that appears, select the «optimize screen share for video clip» option
  • When you have chosen the correct option, click on «share» at the bottom right of the popup screen

Question time

If you have questions to ask during the question time, book your turn by raising your hand: in the Zoom control bar, click on the Participants icon. A screen will open on the right with a list of all participants. At the bottom you will see a button that says «Raise your hand»: click it to book your question. The chair will recognize you at the right time.

To answer any simple questions, if possible, use the Emoticons found in the Zoom control bar.

Another Zoom function is the Chat. By clicking on the icon at the bottom of the Zoom bar (next to Participants), a chat opens where you can decide whether to write to everyone, or whether to write privately to one of the call participants or to the chair  


  1. Before the conference, if you have any doubts or questions you can write to the Centro Studi staff at the addresses: |
  2. During the conference, in case of questions relating to technical or organizational problems, write in a private chat to the staff of the Study Center. Or send an email to: |
  3. If you think you have a slow connection please send us a video recording to be presented at the meeting.