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Massimiliano Sala and Massimiliano Locanto

The Contemporary Composers Series focuses both on living composers and those who left their mark on the 20th century, leaving a significant legacy to the history of contemporary music. By studying their lives, their writings, and their musical output as well as its reception, the series aims to extend the scope of research with the express purpose of investigating not only the so-called contemporary “classical” composers, but also those who worked in the emerging musical genres of the 20th and 21th century: Jazz, Film Music, Popular Music, etc. The series will encompass monographs and miscellaneous volumes on select individuals, with a particular focus on their relationships to the environment in which they lived and worked.

Forthcoming Title:

Giacinto Scelsi: Music Across the Borders, edited by Federico Celestini, Turnhout, Brepols, 2019, in preparation.

Essays by: Federico Celestini, Sandro Marrocu, Christian Utz, Elisabetta Piras, Andrea Di Giacomo, Friedrich Jaecker, Ian Dickson, Francesca Placanica, Alessandro Cecchi, Alessandra Carlotta Pellegrini, Alessandra Montali, Elfriede Reissig, Pierre Albert Castanet, Thomas Peattie, Markus Bandur.