Pietro Antonio Locatelli Complete Edition

directed by Massimiliano Sala

(Designated Italian National Edition – Ministerial Decree of 2 June 1999)


Scholarly Committee: Massimiliano Sala (Bergamo, President), Roberto Illiano (Lucca, Secretary-Treasurer), Sergio Durante (Padova), Reinhard Strohm (Oxford), Michael Talbot (Liverpool), Christoph Wolff (Cambridge, MA).

Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695-1764) was a violinist and composer from Bergamo, who after a period in Rome and a brilliant career as a virtuoso in various European cities eventually settled in Holland, where he spent a large portion of his life. Today he is numbered among the leading Italian musicians of the late-Baroque period. The critical edition (1994-2002) consists of ten volumes published by Schott. The first eight volumes contains the Locatelli’s published works, the ninth the unnumbered compositions, while the tenth includes a thematic catalogue, the letters and documents relating to his life and an iconography. The separate parts for the orchestral works, as well as a practical edition of the chamber works, have been published by Schott. Finally, pocket-score versions have been published by Eulenburg.

Works without Opus Number and Arrangement (Ut Orpheus Edizioni)

This series, published in collaboration with the Italian National Edition of Pietro Antonio Locatelli’s Complete Works and the Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini, includes 13 volumes.

These are works that Locatelli has written during the course of his life in alternative versions. The plan of the works also includes four compositions without Opus number and an arrangement for fortepiano by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach of the famous Minuetto.