Ad Parnassum Journal – Vol. 18 – No. 35 – April/October 2020


Ad Parnassum Journal – Vol. 18 – No. 35 – April/October 2020, pp. 172


Daniel F. Boomhower
Musical Museums of Imaginary Works: Early Collectors of J. S. Bach’s Music and the Formation of Work-Concepts

Francisco Javier Lupiáñez Ruiz
Three New Sonatas for Violin and Continuo by Johann Georg Pisendel

Bettina S. Muehlenbeck
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and William Sterndale Bennett: Undiscovered Letters of Friendship and Admiration

Sevastiana Nourou
Ignaz Moscheles: The Free Fantasia as the Connecting Link to his Three Styles of Virtuosity and Composed Fantasias


María Encina Cortizo
Margaret R. Butler, Musical Theater in Eighteenth-Century Parma: Entertainment, Sovereignty, Reform


James Garratt
Francesca Brittan, Music and Fantasy in the Age of Berlioz

Mara Lacchè
The Cambridge Berlioz Encyclopedia

Joan Grimalt
Małgorzata Grajter, Das Wort-Ton Verhältnis im Werk von Ludwig van Beethoven

Davide Mingozzi
Stewart Pollens, Bartolomeo Cristofori and the Invention of the Piano

Derek B. Scott
Musical Salon Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century


Rosa Paula Rocha Pinto
Francesco Esposito (1964-2020)



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