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Ad Parnassum Journal – Vol. 17 – No. 33 – April 2019

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Ad Parnassum Journal – Vol. 17 – No. 33 – April 2019, pp. 118


Piotr Wilk

The Concerto in the Œuvre of Nicola Fiorenza

Giusy De Berardinis

Gaetano Valeri, «esimio armonista» a Padova

Davide Mingozzi

«Non l’Armonia ma la Melodia». La ricezione italiana de L’Art du chant appliqué au piano di Sigismund Thalberg


Joan Grimalt: Les grands topoï du xixe siècle et la musique de Franz Liszt, edited by Márta Grabócz

Benedetta Saglietti: Florence Gétreau. Voir la musique

Jennifer Walker: The Many Faces of Camille Saint-Saëns, edited by Michael Stegemann

Matteo Macinanti: Giorgio Antoniotto. L’Arte Armonica or a Treatise on the Composition of Musick, Facsimile of the edition J. Johnson 1760, with an Introduction by Deborah Burton

David HurwitzBeverly Jerold. Music Performance Issues: 1600-1900; The Complexities of Early Instrumentation: Winds and Brass

Federico GonSergio Durante. Tartini, Padova, l’Europa,


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