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Sonatas for Harpsichord or Piano Opp. 7-10

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edited by Luca Lévi Sala and Rohan H. Stewart-MacDonald, Bologna, Ut Orpheus Edizioni, 2018 (Italian National Edition of Muzio Clementi’s Complete Works, VIII.2).

Muzio Clementi’s Sonatas Opp. 7, 8, 9 and 10 belong to the ‘Viennese’ compositions, originating from the composer’s first continental tour, taking in Paris (1780), Vienna (December 1781 – May 1782) and Lyons (1782). The Sonatas Op. 7 were first advertised in the Nachtrag zur Wiener Zeitung no. 77 by Artaria of Vienna on 25 September 1782, whereas Op. 8 was first announced on the Journal de Paris on 14 December 1782, published by Castaud of Lyons.

While Op. 9 was incorrectly advertised as Op. «viii» by Artaria in the Anhang zur Wiener Zeitung no. 42, on 24 May 1783, the first edition of Op. 10 was produced by Christoph Torricella and advertised in the Anhang zur Wiener Zeitung no. 54 on 5 July 1783. The sources selected for the present edition are revised versions, representing the latest stages in Clementi’s conception of the sonatas: Opp. 7 and 8 (‘for the Author’, early 1790s), Op. 9 (‘Breitkopf and Härtel, 1804) and Op. 10 (‘Longman & Broderip’, early 1790s). The autograph manuscript ‘GB-Lbl Add.MS 29294’ is a major revision of Op. 10 that Clementi left unpublished, probably drafted (between 1802 and 1806?) to be inserted in the Œuvres complettes (Breitkopf and Härtel). This source is published here for the first time and presented in the Appendix.


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